Senior Leadership Team

The Elevate team is staffed with senior advisors with 20+ years of experience who have successfully delivered enterprise data and analytics solutions and have the right balance of skillsets to address our clients’ needs.

Mike Bender


Chief Executive Officer, and strategic business advisor who has successfully built companies and guided clients in achieving increased revenue, profitability, and a sustainable competitive advantage

Maggie Reitemeyer


Chief Operations Officer, and data management and business process expert whose deep data and analytics background has helped clients organize and operationalize business analytics, improve process efficiency, and increase employee productivity

Steve Gunsior

Chief Technology Officer

Technology solutions architect, and data integration expert with broad experience in a large variety of cloud-based data and analytics tools and technologies, helping clients navigate complex technical landscapes to deliver effective solutions

Mark Gorman

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Chief Data & Analytics Officer whose in depth experience with myriad data and analytics situations has yielded a track record of leveraging massive amounts of disjointed data to identify and isolate actionable customer insights

Kathy Barton

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Marketing Officer with expertise in Digital Marketing, Organizational Transformation and Change Management focused on improving employee engagement, driving customer advocacy, and increasing wallet share

Mike Bender, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mike is a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about helping clients get value and positive ROI from their data and analytics programs. His areas of expertise include strategy, business analytics, and sales effectiveness. Mike’s typical areas of focus are customer and market data analysis, sales pipeline analytics, dealer sales effectiveness, omni-channel strategy, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics for customer acquisition, growth, and retention.

Mike’s focus for Elevate customers is developing business and technology strategies and tactics to drive revenue and support corporate goals. Mike has extensive experience developing business strategies and leading implementations of Data & Analytics, CRM, and ERP programs for Fortune 500, midsize, and start-up organizations. Prior to co-founding Elevate, Mike held senior management positions with top consulting and telecommunications firms.

Maggie Reitemeyer, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Maggie is an expert in planning and managing data and analytics programs, with over 20 years of consulting experience aimed at helping clients improve process efficiency and increase employee productivity.

Maggie focuses on structuring large, data-intensive engagements for Elevate clients and maximizing their impact on achieving business strategies by organizing and operationalizing business analytics. She has worked with clients to provide data analytics strategies and program implementations, process improvement, strategic program management, and data migration and analysis. She has spent much of her career focusing on data analysis to guide clients in transforming large and complex datasets into actionable, business-focused insights through descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to assist clients with making better business decisions.

Prior to co-founding Elevate, Maggie worked with Big Four Consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups, including companies in North America and Europe.

Steve Gunsior, Chief Technology Officer

Steve’s career has been marked by consistently helping clients attain the best value possible from their IT investment. He’s been an entrepreneur, lead architect, business development, and has worked across multiple verticals. This breadth of experience helps Steve quickly identify problems areas and implement solutions. Steve usually focuses on the IT systems that enterprises run themselves on, from both high-level enterprise architectures to the implementation and operations of specific systems. Steve has extensive experience in software development, enterprise architecture, data architecture, and system operations.

Mark Gorman, Chief Data Science Officer

Mark’s expertise is in helping clients transform data into actionable insights and develop programs to improve employee effectiveness. Mark’s areas of expertise include advanced analytics, data mining, business intelligence, market research, data warehousing, and CRM. Typical areas of focus are analytics strategy, customer acquisition, retention, lifecycle management, profitability, pricing, customer experience, and the integration of analytics and insights with CRM programs.

Mark has more than 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, big four consulting, private companies, and start-ups. He also holds a CPA certificate.

Kathy Barton, Chief Marketing Officer

Kathy Barton is a digital marketing specialist whose strength is helping companies implement organizational change to drive business results by empowering employees with actionable information. This encourages the delivery of exceptional customer service, leading to customer engagement and loyalty.

In her role working with Elevate customers, she focuses on digital marketing, customer journey mapping, organizational change management, and how customer engagement integrates with and drives business and marketing strategies. Kathy also specializes in training organizations in how to hire top talent. Kathy has over 30 years of business experience and is a proven executive who has worked with fast-growing technology companies, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups.

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