Strategy and Advisory Services

• Assessment and Scorecard with ROI Analysis
• Strategy and Roadmap Development
• Program Management
• Organizational Readiness and Transformation

Data Management Services

• Data Governance and Data Security
• Data Warehouse and Data Integration
• Data Cleansing and Customer/Prospect Profiling
• Data Enhancement via 3rd Party Appends
• Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting Tools
• Operational Reporting

Business Analytics Services

• Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
• Customer and Market Analysis, Interpretation, and Insights
• Advanced Analytics – Predictive Modeling
• Digital Adoption and Transformation
• Business Capability Optimization Services
      o Marketing and Sales Effectiveness
      o Market Basket Analysis
      o Customer Segmentation and Journey Mapping
      o Churn / Retention
      o Upsell / Cross Sell
      o Acquisition Modeling and Lead Scoring
      o Sales Pipeline Analytics
      o Pricing and Profitability Analysis and Modeling
      o Lifetime Value

Implementation & Operations

• Operational Support for Data Management, Business Analytics, and Organizational Transformation including Training, Communication, and Mentoring
• Automation and Operationalization of Models and Analytics
• Automation and Operationalization of Data Management
• Staff Augmentation to Support Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, and Operations Teams
• Data Integration Services
• Cloud Transformation, Integration and Operations

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